A great option for downsizers looking for retirement homes

retirement homes for downsizers

Retirement Homes Option for Downsizers:

After years of working hard, it's time to sell the large, old house and trade it for a brand new, beautiful & modern space without a large yard to upkeep. Traditional retirement homes, or a nursing home, or "Over 55's" complex is out of the question since you're too fit and active for that!

Apartment living is one option but what about those high strata fees, and having someone living above and/or below you? That may take some getting used to.

What's NOT ideal is moving a whole lot further from familiar areas you know well. So those "house and land packages" at the edge of suburbia is also not what you want.

So, if you're weighing up your retirement homes options, and downsizing close to your existing, established community into a brand new villa - going through Catalyst Developments may be for you!

You won't be buying from a property developer. Rather, we're your "catalyst" to help you become the developer (in conjunction with some other like-minded buyers).

That way, you can:

  • buy the land well
  • create value through subdivision and
  • gain economies of scale and a better prices through building in bulk with others.

Heading into retirement, any additional value you can create in your next home would be beneficial for nest egg too. Building your next home means you will also have an opportunity to customize the villa to suit your personal needs.

If you need to sell your home to buy your next property, we can recommend a great local selling agent. They would be able to maximize your sale price and get you the right settlement time frame.

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