First Home Buyers

first home buyers

First Home Buyers:

As first home buyers, getting into your first home can be a daunting experience, from:

  • saving up a deposit to
  • finding a good home and
  • negotiating with real estate sales agents and builders

You may also be considering buying or building brand new because that's the condition of the home you want, or perhaps you're entitled to a government grant or concessions by buying new.

However, you don't want to go out too far to the city fringes and don't want apartment living either.

"Infill" grouped housing closer to the city and amenities sounds like the answer. The thing is, there aren't many blocks available in the areas you like. And if there were, they'd generally be behind an old house or are overpriced.

Also, buying off-the-plan or buying a finished product from a developer seems to be more expensive. This may be because they need to make a profit, pay their selling agent, marketing and pay GST too.

If only there was a way to buy into a small development site, and build together with someone else!

Well, now there is a way!

First home buyers - How Catalyst Developments can help

Catalyst Developments can match you to other finance pre-qualified buyers with similar budgets, wanting to build a home in similar locations. These people may be:

  • other first home buyers
  • older downsizers
  • investors.

Because you're buying wholesale (i.e. subdividing the land, paying for the bricks and labour, bypassing sales agents and avoiding a profit-making developer), and using advisors along the way - by the end, you would have a well-finished home and also be financially ahead!

Now, you might be wondering how you're going to:

  • finance the project,
  • find a suitable development site and
  • find the right builder?

No problems, that's where Catalyst Developments has done the legwork and will recommend the right professionals to guide you through this whole process.

Yes, there may be a cost for these professionals to guide and advise you and to make it happen. But good advice is well worth its weight in gold and will be part of the total project costs. Getting it wrong may be an even bigger cost.

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