Buying Property Wholesale

buying property wholesale

Buying property wholesale - A better way to buy brand new:

Have you ever wondered about buying property wholesale, and how it's done?

  • Do you want to invest in new properties to maximize rent return and depreciation benefits?
  • Don't want an apartment where there's not enough land value, and don't want a house and land package where new land is in high supply?
  • Want to develop property but found that doing your own project costs too much?

Investing in a new property has many benefits like being low maintenance and easy to rent for a good price. It also provides high depreciation benefits for greater tax credits each year.

However, most of the new home builders are building mainly in the house & land package areas further from the city. These fringe areas typically have a lot of new building blocks (high supply), which may hold back price growth. Similarly, buying a new apartment off-the-plan may also have high supply issues (as further towers of apartments come up nearby). The potential for future additional supply may hinder future price growth.

Buying property wholesale in investment-grade areas

"Buying property wholesale" (as opposed to buying retail) means you're only paying for the bricks, mortar and labour, and NOT paying for a developer's profit margin - which happens when you buy a newly finished house! In other words, buying property wholesale means that you're building a new property from the ground up. You are the developer.

Sure, building a house and land package in "fringe locations" is fairly straight-forward and is a way of buying property wholesale, but if you're trying to avoid the fringe locations, finding the right in-fill project isn't so straight forward.

The problem is, not everyone knows how to, or can afford to, develop property themselves and do it successfully. That's where Catalyst Developments comes in, to match you with other like-minded buyers to develop together. We'll also introduce you to the right advisors from finding and negotiating a suitable building site (in your preferred established locations), getting finance for the joint project, and choosing the right designer and builder for the job.

Be guided by a team of experts and do a joint venture with like-minded buyers who want to walk away with a new home at wholesale prices. Register now for FREE to be match to other qualified buyers who are also looking for a similar budget properties in similar locations that you are interested in too.


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