February 25, 2017


Here are some articles about buying and building a new home, and how developing property with others works:

New Home Builders

Are you still interviewing new home builders when there are brokers who can do the legwork for you? ...

Micro Joint Ventures

Micro Joint Ventures - The Best Way To Buy A Brand New Home Micro Joint Ventures (or Micro JVs) are ...

Site Feasibility for Developments

Site Feasibility - How the numbers work: Property development is a means of buying new property at ...

The Buying Process

So how does the joint buying process and building process work?       Related ...

More articles to come...

  • Building a new home with others could save you thousands of dollars
  • These joint venture examples illustrate how JV partners can own a new home each in both the lower price range areas, as well as in higher priced area of a city
  • First home buyers benefit from grants and parental guarantees are easier to give when buying wholesale
  • Retirement homes not an option for active older Australians wanting to downsize their home
  • Buying property wholesale is the best way to buy brand new