July 19, 2017

Micro Joint Ventures

Micro Joint Ventures

Micro Joint Ventures - The Best Way To Buy A Brand New Home

Micro Joint Ventures (or Micro JVs) are when a small group of like-minded buyers pool their resources to benefit from the "grouped" buying power. In the context of buying a brand new property, the group would partake in a small property development project. The aim would be for each micro joint venture partner to come out ahead. The project feasibility can be calculated from the start even before agreeing to proceed with the deal, and under the guidance of a property buyers advocate, the group's risk could be reduced significantly.

Ideally, if you have family or friends willing to form a micro joint venture with you, then you could venture down this path of buying property wholesale with them. However, if you don't have family or friends in a position to join you in this journey, no problems. Catalyst Developments can match you with other qualified buyers who are looking for something similar to what you want.

The key with micro joint ventures is that each member of the group needs to bring an equal amount of resources to the table and can complete the deal. That's why before micro joint ventures start their property search, they should get finance qualified by a mortgage broker as a micro joint venture group to buy the land, and as individuals to construct after subdividing.

Being part of Micro Joint Ventures is similar to buying any other new property, except:

  • you get to be in an "infill" location that's closer to amenities that you love without settling for an apartment
  • you get to customize your building design to suit your needs
  • you'd have access to potentially lucrative profits from property development by building from the ground up.

You'll still have to qualify for finance as if you're buying a new home. So, you will need a deposit and earn an income (or you could pay with cash). A mortgage broker needs to assess your situation and highlight your options before you can join any micro joint ventures.

  • There may be some excellent home loan rates if you can come up with 20% deposit (plus purchase costs).
  • However, there are also options needing only 10% deposit (plus purchase costs).
  • Furthermore, if you're buying your own home, there may be specialist lenders like Keystart who offer deposit requirements of as low as 2%!

Speaking to an expert and accredited finance and mortgage broker will quickly reveal all your lending options very quickly.

Financial benefits of buying brand new:

  • First home buyers would still qualify for any government grants and/or duties concession for buying new;
  • Duties are only payable on the land, not on the building. This works out much less than duties on an established house;
  • Rents for brand new dwellings are generally higher than older houses;
  • Full depreciation benefits are available for investors, compared to reduced/removed benefits with established investment properties.

Coupling these financial benefits of buying a brand new home with the additional equity that's manufactured from developing the right property - you'll find yourself ahead of the pack by getting involved in a properly qualified, and well-orchestrated micro joint venture.

How Catalyst Developments can help with Micro Joint Ventures:

  1. We'll put you in touch with a finance and mortgage broker. They would show you all your options and prepare your finance pre-approval.
  2. We'll match you to other finance pre-qualified buyers. These buyers also wish to build a brand new home in a similar area and budget as you.
  3. Your chosen mortgage broker would get the micro joint venture group finance pre-qualified to buy a site. They'd also qualify each member to be able to complete the building.
  4. We'll connect you with a property buyers advocate to find a suitable site and negotiate the lowest possible price.
  5. We'll introduce you to building designers and building consultants to get your micro joint venture project off the ground.
  6. You keep the development gains; we get a small matching fee.

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