New House Builders

new house builders

New House Builders:

Are you searching for new house builders to build your own home?

Different builders specialize in different types of buildings. Some are great at building family homes on larger blocks, some are specialist 2 storey home builders.

For smaller infill developments, you'll want to talk to builders specializing in this space.

Be aware that going directly to a builder means they still own the copyright to your house plans. This prevents you from shopping the plans around to other builders, and "ties you in" to the builder. If you decide not to build with that building company, you may be forced to pay thousands of dollars for the plans. Or even worse, the builder may not sell them to you. So you may be forced to start from scratch again.

Preparing your own set of plans through a building designer - be it a draftsman or architect - will allow you to tender out your plans to multiple builders. That way, you can compare their quotes - apples to apples. Choosing a designer with experience on similar projects is important. This is so they can produce designs that are practical and within your budget.

So, should you go for larger new house builders, mid-sized new house builders, or the one-man new house builders?

Generally speaking, the mid-sized builders are small enough to give you personal and tailored service. On the other hand, your job may get lost in the crowd with some of the larger builders. Smaller to mid-sized builders won't treat you like just a number. They are typically more financially stable than the very small builders or 1 man bands.

There areĀ companies out there who can compare and contrast some new home builders for you. This would allow you to decide on a builder with confidence. Yes, they'd receive a fee for this building broker service. However, the good operators will support you throughout the building process. Just be wary of building brokers who receive their fee for placing you with a builder and you don't hear from them again.

So rather than choosing new house builders first, consider designing your house, then tender your plans out via a reliable building broker to some reputable new house builders.


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